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Meet our faculty...

Robyn Crane

Robyn started dancing at the age of 5 at a small studio in the Bay Area where she stayed for eight years. She first began in a beginner ballet, but as she grew up she expanded to different styles of dance including tap, jazz, musical theater, hip hop, and more. Robyn started dancing competitively when she was 9 years old, and continued to do so until she graduated high school. 


When Robyn was 13, she moved to the Central Valley and began attending The Dance Connection in Stockton, California where she trained for the rest of her time as a competitive dancer. Robyn began teaching tap dance in her junior year of high school and immediately fell in love with teaching.


When she was 17, Robyn became an apprentice with the tap exclusive dance convention "Tap Into the Network" where she assists in dance classes and is mentored by professional instructors who travel the country with different convention circuits (ie: Hollywood Vibe, Intrigue, etc.)


In 2023 Robyn moved to Southern California to further her education at California State University-Long Beach as a Business Management major.

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