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Begin at the ballet barre using French terminology and continue to the center with across-the-floor work, stretches, jumps and leaps. Our style of teaching is a combination of both the Vaganova and French Technique and focuses on safe and effective training. Dancers will eventually train to dance en pointe once their ankles are properly developed and they have had several years of dedicated ballet training.


Enjoy dancing to up-beat music, while learning body awareness, coordination, rhythm, and stylized jazz choreography. Class includes warm-ups, floor stretches, strengthening exercises, and center work and is focused on proper technique.



A special combination of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern technique, combined with emotion and personality, makes Lyrical one of the most beautiful forms of dance. Classes include a center warm-up and across the floor technical combinations.



Come ready to make some noise! This class includes a traditional tap warm-up, floor exercises, and combinations. Dancers focus on coordination, memory, and, most importantly, rhythm.



This class focuses on the necessary technique and strength required for advanced-level tricks and turns.  Required for competition team, this class is perfect for dancers looking to take their dancing to the next level.

Class Descriptions

Creative Dance:

This class is for very young dancers and focuses on basic motor skills, social skills and memory improvement. This is a great class to help prepare a child for pre-school.



This class focuses on basic pre-ballet steps and is combined with basic tap work during the second half of class. Dancers will turn, leap, and tap their feet into a love of dance.



This class focuses on the floor work of a traditional gymnastics class, while maintaining a focus on dance technique and objectives. Levels 1 and 2 will focus on proper technique for acrobatic movements, while levels 3 and above will build on these foundational movements to incorporate contortion tricks and combination skills.


Tumbling is a higher-level class that incorporates acrobatic skills with explosive movements. This class will focus on "air tricks" such as aerials, handsprings, and flips. 

Hip Hop:

Hip-hop includes various moves such as breaking, popping, locking and krumping. Improvisation and personal interpretation are essential to hip-hop dancing.



These classes are intended for the more dedicated dancer to build upon their foundational skills and technique and find their unique style. Classes will revolve around learning combinations in jazz, lyrical, and contemporary styles, with a different style each week.  

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