Ballerinas Stretching

Ballet:  Begin at the ballet barre using French terminology and continue to the center with across-the-floor work, stretches, jumps and leaps. Our style of teaching is a combination of both the Vaganova and French Technique and focuses on safe and effective training. 

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Jazz:  Enjoy dancing to up-beat music, while learning body awareness, coordination, rhythm, and stylized jazz choreography. Class includes warm-ups, floor stretches, strengthening exercises, and center work and is focused on proper technique.


Tiny Tots:  This class is for very young dancers and focuses on basic motor skills, social skills and memory improvement. This is a great class to help prepare a child for pre-school.


Princess Combo:  Enter the classroom and choose your dancing gown. This class focuses on basic pre-ballet steps but includes a princess fairy tale theme throughout and is combined with basic tap work during the second half of class.


Acro/Tumble:  Come learn how to tumble, cartwheel, and flip your way across the stage in this class.  Dancers will start with a warm-up and will work on gymnastic tricks in a safe environment.


Lyrical:  A special combination of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern technique, combined with emotion and personality, makes Lyrical one of the most beautiful forms of dance. Classes include a center warm-up and across the floor technical combinations.


Tap:  Come ready to make some noise! This class includes a traditional tap warm-up, floor exercises, and combinations. Dancers focus on coordination, memory, and, most importantly, rhythm.


Technique:  This class focuses on the necessary technique and strength required for advanced-level tricks and turns.  Required for competition team, this class is perfect for dancers looking to take their dancing to the next level.

Class Descriptions