Date: September 12th, 2020

Format: In-Person and Video Auditions Available.


Dancers may compete in all styles including Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip Hop. Weekly commitment:

Ages 6-8: 4-5 hours class + rehearsal

Ages 9-11: 5-6 hours class + rehearsal

Ages 12+: 6-7 hours class + rehearsal


Dancers may compete in Tap, Hip Hop, or both! This is a great way for new members to get a sense of the full commitment of the competition team. Standalone member ages 12+ only.

Weekly commitment:

Tap Company: 3 hours class + rehearsal

Hip Hop Company: 3 hours class + rehearsal

Dual-Company Member: 4 hours class + rehearsal



Odyssey Dance Academy's Competition Team is a year-long commitment that extends from September to mid-July. Due to the uncertainty of this year, we have made slight modifications to our team schedule and requirements, and have put certain measures in place to not only protect the safety of our dancers and dance families but also to ensure a complete year of training, no matter the circumstances. 

All events listed in the potential schedule have generous cancellation policies guaranteed this year, and after team lists are finalized, we will be hosting a Zoom conference call with members and their families to vote on a schedule that all parents are comfortable with. However, team members will be required to continue with class and rehearsal requirements throughout the year, including scenarios where classes become fully virtual once again. In the event that competitions become "virtual-only" again this year, they will be optional, however, conventions will remain required. Conventions are an extremely educational experience for dancers to learn a variety of high-caliber instructors from around the world. For dancers with convention attendance requirements, virtual or in-person attendance will be accepted. Virtual rates are discounted by around 50% (varying slightly between conventions) and conventions have a full refund policy in the event that the convention is required to go virtual.

To facilitate possible changes in scheduling, as well as ensure that routines can continue in an efficient manner throughout the year, we are prioritizing solos, duets, and trios this year. Team members will not be required to participate in a group dance, however, we may have select groups in certain styles depending on certain factors (how effectively the group could practice over Zoom if necessary, whether they could rehearse outdoors for a period if required, etc.).

Levels for competition team will be determined purely based on class commitments this year, however, dancers must first make the team in order to be placed in Level 1 or 2. Dancers who wish to compete with a solo this year must be taking on the required classes and nationals/convention requirements (if applicable to their age group) of Level 2. Having a solo is a great accomplishment and requires dancers to be very committed and motivated students. 

"Zooming-in" to classes and rehearsals will be made possible this year to ensure a safer environment for our dancers. We ask that if your dancer or someone in your family is sick, that you stay home from dance for either 14 days or after a negative COVID-19 test result. Class Zoom sessions must be requested 24-hours in advance to allow us ample time to make arrangements for dancers.

Audition results will be posted Sunday, September 13th @ 10:00 am, with Zoom meeting for accepted team members & their families @ 4:00 pm. Team contracts and deposits are due on September 16th