Odyssey Dance Academy

Dear Dance Families,

It's been quite a year! So many changes, such unexpected circumstances, and yet, here at Odyssey, we have all felt so much love and support during these unprecedented times. To think that, by this time now, we would be a month post-recital is quite unbelievable at times.

One of the most spectacular things to witness during the pandemic and lock-down was the incredible resilience and inspiring creativity that the performing arts industry brought forward. New performance and competitive opportunities became available, we all learned how to teach and take dance class via the internet, and the global phenomenon of support for the arts and artistic education was groundbreaking and amazing to see and be a part of.

To celebrate our students and their determination, resilience, and continued growth as dancers and artists, our instructors have worked together to create a virtual performance opportunity for our dancers. We wanted to create something unique and special, and we think that our dancers will not only enjoy learning and recording their performances of these routines, but they will love watching the final showcase with all their classmates and friends edited into one cumulative video. 

Our showcase will also feature performances from surprise guests (you may have seen them around the studio...) as well as solo routines from our graduating seniors. 

I know it's hard to imagine a virtual dance performance, and I wish that I could direct you to a video online as an example of what it would look like, but I have yet to find anything online that will look quite like the vision that I have in mind. I want to create something special and unique that can be proudly shared among family and friends for years to come.

To support our program and our fabulous instructors who helped make this possible, we are asking for a suggested donation of $50-75 per dancer. Dancers will be mailed a special commemorative shirt - sample images below!  There is no limit on the number of routines your dancer is allowed to submit, we would love for them to learn and perform as many dances as they would like!

A registration form and upload links are below.  The registration form will allow for an indication of donation amount/payment method, as well as shirt size orders and mailing address.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, there is no obligation to donate - we want your dancer to benefit from this special opportunity and would be honored to have them perform for us!

Video submissions will be accepted until 31st.  The performance will stream on [TBA], and will be available for viewing and sharing after the streaming.